Wellness and Urgent Care Services

Licensed in Massachusetts

Serving East Longmeadow, Hampden, Longmeadow, Ludlow, Monson, West Springfield, Wilbraham and surrounding areas

Wellness Care​
  • Canine Vaccinations

    • Rabies​

    • DAPP (Distemper, Parvovirus, Adenovirus-2 & Parainfluenza)

    • Leptospirosis

    • Lyme Disease

    • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

  • Feline Vaccinations

    • Purevax Rabies​

    • Purevax RCP (Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus & Panleukopenia)

    • Purevax Leukemia Virus​

  • Routine Testing​

    • Canine Heartworm & Tick-borne disease Testing​

    • Feline Leukemia and Immunodeficiency Virus Testing

    • Intestinal Parasite Screening

  • Microchip Implantation (with Free Lifetime Registration)

Diagnostic Testing
  • Ear and skin cytology to check for infections

  • Fine need aspiration and cytology of masses

  • Blood and Urine Testing​

Urgent Care and Chronic Conditions
  • Evaluation of limping and managing arthritis

  • Providing long-term management of allergies

  • Treatment for an upset stomach (vomiting, soft stools)

  • Management of chronic conditions (such as heart or kidney disease)

  • Monitoring endocrine diseases (such as diabetes, thyroid & adrenal disease)

Hospice and End of Life Care

  • Hospice and qualify of life consultations

  • Peaceful euthanasia and aftercare services

  • For additional information and prices, click here.

Travel and Examination Fees

  • Housecall Travel Fee, Zone 1: $40

    • Agawam, East Longmeadow, Hampden, Longmeadow, Ludlow, Monson, Palmer, West Springfield, Wilbraham​

  • Housecall Travel Fee, Zone 2: $60

    • Belchertown, Chicopee, Springfield, Ware​

  • Established Patient Examination Fees

    • ​Wellness Care Exam: $55

    • Urgent Care Exam: $65

    • Puppy/Kitten Booster Exam: $30

    • Brief or Medical Follow-Up Exam: $30-$45

    • Telemedicine Consultation: $25

  • New Patient Examination Fees

    • ​Wellness Care Exam: $75

    • Urgent Care Exam: $85

    • Medical Follow-Up Exam: $45

    • Same Day Emergency: $100

  • Hospice Consultation: $150

    • includes 3 telemedicine consultations


Estimates available upon request

A Note about Patient Care:

My goal is to provide high quality veterinary care to my patients, and to keep this care affordable for owners.  The best way for me to accomplish this goal is through annual wellness examinations and preventative care to keep patients as healthy as possible, and so going forward there will be two separate rates - one for The Village Vet's established patients and one for new (or non-established) patients.


An established patient is one that that receives their annual wellness examination and baseline recommended preventative care (such as rabies and distemper vaccinations, heartworm/tick testing & intestinal parasite screening) though The Village Vet, or who has been referred to The Village Vet for continuity of care with full records being provided prior to the first visit.  Appointments will still be available for non-established patients however they will not be eligible for the discounted rates and the new patient examination prices will be effective for each visit.  Once patients transition to receiving recommended wellness care from The Village Vet they will be considered an established patient and eligible for the discounted rates going forward.

Thank you for your understanding and for helping me to keep your furry friends healthy!  ~Dr. Johnson