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​Bring the vet to your pet

Experience veterinary care in a new way.  Whether your pet is scared in an unfamiliar environment, you have difficulty getting them into the car, or you're in need of a vet for your new family member, consider an in-home visit from The Village Vet.  Through low stress handling and a familiar environment, there's no reason for your pet to fear a visit from the vet.


Less stress, Same great care​

When Dr. Johnson arrives, she will greet your pet just like any other friend coming over for a visit.  Your pet will receive a full nose-to-tail examination and all wellness and minor urgent care issues can be addressed without ever leaving home.  With a full pharmacy available for your pet's preventative care needs, you won't have to worry about forgetting to pick up your next refill - it can be delivered right to your front door!


Dr. Johnson has been absolutely amazing with our new puppy! He adores her and she does a fabulous job of teaching our kids all they need to know about keeping our puppy safe and well taken care of. Our family highly recommends Dr. Johnson!

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